TerraHealth Inc.


Since 2001, THI has delivered superior services and support to government and commercial clients internationally. The capability and depth of THI is extensive given in-house resources, affiliates, networks, and teaming partners. There are few organizations that have the Reach Back Capability, Flexibility, and Speed in which THI operates.

THI is a consistent superior performer where experience and skills matter most. When 911, Iraq, Afghanistan/War on terrorism resulted with a critical rapid need for backfills of Army Medical personnel deploying, THI performed recruiting and placing medical personnel without any detriment to mission. When hurricane Katrina hit, THI deployed a medical disaster management team to New Orleans within 24 hours. It was THI that performed the reconstitution planning for the health system.


Today, that legacy continues to be the reason THI is considered a "Best Value" company - that delivers quality services and optimal performance for its clients at very competitive prices.

THI Consulting Solutions are supported by a team of senior consultants, all with Master and/or Doctorate Degrees, and with highly specialized skills, including an average of 17 years experience within the government environment and/or commercial setting. Our firm’s focus is on senior executive support services; solutions ranging from system analysis, problem resolution and program development.

The solutions that THI has completed have made Federal and State Agencies, Commercial entities, and their programs more effective, efficient and responsive to the customers they support. Many efforts have made significant improvements to Community Wellness Outcomes and our Nation at large. It is THI’s staff that has researched new methods of enhancing flight medicine capabilities, increasing life expectancy in advance burn patients, development of the new Marine Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle technology, and Research & Development of a cordless communication system within Military Aircraft. It is THI’s staff that has deployed overseas to evaluate medical health systems, performed HIV/AIDS Community Needs Assessments, Program evaluations, Developed new programs that assist senior and handicap individuals, and provided Process Improvement/Business Reengineering to make businesses more profitable. THI has offered many services that benefit the US and businesses many more times in number.


Homeland Defense & Humanitarian Assistance

The area of Home Land Defense and services that TerraHealth Inc. (THI) engages in are medically focused efforts, supported by the expertise of highly specialized senior consultants. Their knowledge and experience help to proactively mitigate risk through contingency planning, contingency exercises, disaster operations, humanitarian relief programming and reconstitution efforts. Our firm supports a broad spectrum of medical-related services, and with THI’s Strategic Partners we ensure we achieve our clients’ expectations anywhere, anytime.

THI’s consulting services are well supported by a team of senior consultants, all of whom hold masters or doctorate-level degrees, possess specialized skills, and have an average of 17 years experience within the government environment or a commercial setting. Clearly, our firm’s focus is on senior, executive support of system analysis, problem resolution, program development and administrative/ management services. A sample of the services we offer under Home Land Defense include the following:

  • Strategic and Tactical Think Tank Solutions
  • Contingency Planning
  • Contingency Operations
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Tactical Intervention
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Focus Group Facilitation and Consensus-Building
  • Command, Control and Communication Planning and Operations
  • Training
  • Evacuation and Shelter
  • Development of Medical Response Teams
  • Resource Protection and Recovery
  • Developing More Sustainable Health Delivery Systems
  • Border and Parameter Security:  Medical Surveillance
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Threats to Action Plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Focused Studies and Analyses
  • Tailored Information Management Systems and Tools
  • Exercises: Development, Evaluation, Reporting
    • Pandemic Flu
    • Bioterror
    • Dirty Bomb
    • Mass Casualty
    • Natural Disaster…others.



Strategic Partners


THI to best meet customers comprehnsive medical - IT/Engineering - HR Solutions, has an extensive array of business (small to large) Partner.